Craftsmanship & Materials

We believe that a woman carefully chooses the correct accessory that best complements her unique style and personal elegance. This is why we understand that a jewelry piece should also be made with precision details and must include that personal human touch. That is why all of our jewelry pieces are handcrafted in Europe using only the finest quality sterling silver 925, crystals and semi precious stones. Then, all of our sterling silver 925 pieces go through the process of gold plating.  

Silver: the ideal everlasting metal 

We understand silver is the perfect metal to use for jewelry making due to its properties of strength and durability.  

Gold Plate: why do we use it 

Gold plating is the process when silver jewelry has been deposited and attached to a layer of gold. This process makes the jewelry pieces withstand normal wear, makes it more durable and offers a product of great quality and an alternative to more expensive gold.